You Look So Beautiful Tonight, I Love You

by Armistice in the body

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What took me eight months to write we recorded in a day. On a Thursday afternoon I spent two hours teaching Zach and Pat the songs, and then Zach went to work and Pat went to a concert. I went home to take a nap. Upon reconvening, Pat brought back a drummer named Nick who offered to lay down some of the tracks free of charge. We spent the next eighteen hours losing sleep, recording and mixing. We recorded trumpet parts during a school lunch break in two takes. I've never felt more blessed to know such kind and brilliant musicians. They transformed my music into something more beautiful to me than words can express. I've never had more fun in my entire life.

The album itself tells a story- capturing the past year I spent falling in and out of love. I wrote it about the toxicity of love, lust, attraction.


released May 28, 2016

Dylan Coverdale- Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Zach Birnbaum- Vocals, Percussion
Pat Oberstaedt- Bass, Producer
Nick Kepron- Drums
Josue Villegas- Trumpet



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Armistice in the body Jersey

Solo musician with some really great friends.
Alternate Emo.

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Track Name: Swans
I want to pull apart your ribs
I want to crawl inside your skin
Together, we starve, our hearts and limbs entwined

I will breathe with you, sharing every inch
I will breathe with you, sharing every itch

I never knew a love quite like this.
Track Name: Grace
After the crash, I held my breath
I was afraid of what I'd say to you
To ease that friction in my chest
I feel restless as our moments pass
knowing that our graces were never meant
I'll tell you that I am lost alone,
as if these words were more than just oxygen
And you'll forget something said
A dissonance when we lay in bed
Blank faces, figures in pretended love
I don't want to die, just to put my mind to sleep
I don't want this to die, but the unrest is killing me
Lost in a tiger's den,
you're a lionness
Moonlight, I saw you undress
We are made from instances
More than what we can understand
Am I apart or am I together
Tracing lines in your forever
And it's the tourniquet on your veins
It's the electric in my brain
It's the low hum I wandered in
Becoming the white capped waves that drew me in close
Turned to teeth to swallow the ship whole
Track Name: I Saw the Ocean, pt. 1
I'm not alright unless we're talking
At night I pull apart my body
And when I met you, I couldn't leave you
Alone and restless, my voice of reason
Resounds in my head; don't let it stop here
But I am left where our end began

And sometimes now I stare into the ocean
And sometimes I scream for it to swallow me
In realizing the best I can be to you
Is a part of your decomposing memory

Whether reluctant or unwilling
i will still drown, and you, too
Track Name: I Saw the Ocean, pt. 2
At first I forgot what the words meant
And then I forgot what they felt like

I want to live clueless
I want to love again
I want to forget the things I left inside you

I want to watch all our memories like a movie
To trace your skin, your mind

Half right, a self evident-lie